About us

Promoting Green Strategies in Sport

PROGRESS is an Erasmus+ sport project that aims to improve physical and mental health through sports activities, with a specific focus on promoting outdoor physical activities between parents and children. By integrating new technologies and gamification, we strive to create a fun and engaging environment that encourages participation and fosters stronger parent-child interactions.

Children experience freedom when they play outside. Outdoor play is a natural way for children of all ages to do physical activity. It’s good for children’s health and well-being to be physically active through play. Being active burns energy and can help prevent illnesses in adulthood.

When children are used to playing outdoors, they are more likely to:

Playinoutdoors allows children to develop self-confidence, independence and self-esteem. They also become aware of limits, boundaries and challenges in their play.

try new activities
engage with others
solve problems
explore the natural environment
make friends
show resilience

A parent playing with their child outdoors builds the child’s self-esteem, helps the child learn about the world, provides opportunities for the child to learn new skills, and builds the bond between parent and child.

 The PROGRESS team, comprising organizations from Romania, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Serbia, Slovakia and Bulgaria, is determined to help address sedentarism and need for varied skills development in youth through this project.

Best practices gathering, research, development of learning tools, creation of a mobile application, local events and the formulation of a EU policy – all part of the PROGRESS journey.

Stay tuned for updates, research findings, and exciting opportunities to participate in our events. Together, let’s take a leap towards a healthier and more active future!

Project Partners

Asociația Umanistă Română

Social Hub Association

European Culture and Sport Organization (ECOS)

European Platform for Sport Innovation (EPSI)

P.A.K. Olympiada

Association for Development, Education and Labour Slovakia (ADEL Slovakia)

Faculty of Sport, University “Union – Nikola Tesla” Belgrade