Local events and TPMs

The first transnational project meeting of PROGRESS took place in Rome, in October of 2022. The consortium had gathered for the first time (in person) in order to discuss the strategy and direction of the project.

Topics such as the utility and early features of the mobile application, the visual identity of the project, as well as a detailed timetable for the entire duration of this partnership have been carefully discussed during the two days of the TPM.

The second TPM of the PROGRESS Erasmus+ project saw the partners meet up in Belgrade, in March 2023. The partners have presented the findings of each research, as well as what difficulties they have encountered and how they have managed to surpass them.

During this meeting, the mobile application was discussed in more significant detail, while elements such as educational animated videos and project ambassadors have been discussed and agreed upon.

The third TPM of our project took part in November 2023, in Sofia. The partners have gathered up to check on the progress of the mobile app, while also seeing its first version and checking its aesthetics, and to begin the drafting of the sports-oriented EU policy proposal, a proposal that is meant to encourage and facilitate the outdoor physical activity between parents and children. 

The structure and format of the final events have been established, as well as the date and structure of the final conference in Bucharest, on the 17th of May.